Environmental Energies: Your Renewable Energy Partner

Harnessing Renewable Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future

In today’s rapidly changing world, the demand for renewable energy solutions has never been more critical. Moreover, Environmental Energies are a dedicated and innovative team committed to helping you meet your renewable energy needs. Whether you’re a business looking to reduce energy costs or a homeowner striving for a more sustainable lifestyle, our tailored solutions can make a significant difference. 

Your Renewable Energy Partner

Discovering Your Needs

Our journey with you begins by actively listening to your unique requirements. Furthermore, understanding your energy goals is essential in crafting a solution that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you’re in need of energy-efficient upgrades for your business or looking to harness renewable energy at home, we are here to assist you with expert guidance and support.

Customised Energy Solutions

Our primary objective is to provide you with a complete energy solution tailored precisely to your specifications. Additionally, our team of renewable energy specialists boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in energy-saving solutions, carbon reduction, and construction. From the initial evaluation to installation and beyond, we take pride in delivering an exceptional service that ensures your specific needs are met comprehensively.


Green Energy Expertise

Unbiased Advice

When it comes to green energy, making informed decisions is paramount. Therefore, our team of specialists offers expert and unbiased advice to guide you in selecting the most suitable renewable energy solutions for your business. We understand that each situation is unique, and our recommendations reflect that diversity.

National Coverage

While we are based in the Midlands, our services extend to cover the entire UK. Regardless of your location, we are here to supply, install, monitor, and maintain a range of innovative energy-efficient solutions designed to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Maximising Renewable Energy

Sustainable Product Range

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of renewable energy products, including solar power and voltage optimization systems. Furthermore, we also offer comprehensive energy assessments and off-grid solutions. With our products and services, we aim to empower individuals, businesses, communities, and local authorities to lower their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to the global circular economy.

Holistic Solutions

We don’t just provide equipment; we offer a full solution. This includes detailed calculations of expected financial savings and carbon emission reductions. We are dedicated to helping you maintain a green home and business with personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Quality Assurance

Industry Accreditations

Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in our industry accreditations:


Peace of Mind

These accreditations provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing that our renewable energy solutions are of the highest quality and backed by exceptional workmanship. We take pride in ensuring that our systems are reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

The Environmental Energies Approach

Dedicated Project Management

Each project we undertake is assigned a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to scope, design, and implement a solution that not only reduces energy consumption and spending but also drives positive environmental change.

Ongoing Commitment

Our commitment doesn’t end with installation. We provide continuous monitoring, maintenance, and improvements to ensure that your renewable energy systems operate at their peak efficiency. Quality customer service is at the heart of our operations, and we are guided by four core values:

  • Sustainability: We are dedicated to reducing your environmental impact.
  • Efficiency: Our solutions are designed to maximise energy savings.
  • Quality: We uphold the highest standards in workmanship and service.
  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of renewable energy technology.



Solar Power Solutions

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy

Solar power is one of our flagship offerings, designed to harness the sun’s energy, providing you with a clean and sustainable source of power. Key benefits include significant reduction in energy bills, lower carbon emissions, and reliable, low-maintenance systems.

  • Significant Reduction in Energy Bills
  • Lower Carbon Emissions
  • Reliable and Low-Maintenance Systems



Voltage Optimization

Efficiency Through Voltage Optimization

Voltage optimization is a critical aspect of our energy solutions, ensuring that your electrical systems operate at an optimal voltage level, reducing energy wastage and enhancing efficiency. Benefits of voltage optimization include reduced energy consumption, extended equipment lifespan, and enhanced electrical system performance.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan
  • Enhanced Electrical System Performance



Off-Grid Solutions

Breaking Free from the Grid

Our off-grid solutions provide an alternative to traditional utility-based energy sources. Whether you’re in a remote location or seeking independence from the grid, our off-grid systems offer energy independence, environmental sustainability, and customized solutions for unique needs.

  • Energy Independence
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Customised Solutions for Unique Needs


Environmental Energies is your trusted partner in harnessing renewable energy solutions that drive sustainability, efficiency, and cost savings. With a dedicated team, industry accreditations, and a commitment to excellence, we are here to guide you on your journey to a greener future. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor a renewable energy solution to meet your specific needs and take the first step toward a more sustainable tomorrow.